6 Enterprise Phases

You can sustain business momentum by combining 6 enterprise phases in a variety of sequences. If you know the business phase, can profile the situation you can anticipate the next enterprise action. With this application an enterprise; yours and others, can be examined for competitiveness.   

Key Take Aways

      Know the 6 enterprise phases 1) today, 2) tomorrow, 3) internal, 4) external, 5) creative, 6) social.

      Know which phase you are in. In a local, regional or global market, know where you are in the stack.

      Know the phases to help you anticipate. When you evaluate your company phase, ask yourself when the business was in that phase in another time. The circumstances and patterns leading up to the phase may be different yet you recognize the phase.   

 A business enterprise, a profession, even a career goes through these phases. There is the accepted arc or wave of the life cycle; start-up, establishment, institutionalize then sell, close or retire.    

 Within the wave are little deaths and births; product cycle, market expansions and contractions, talent blossoms and becomes expertise are some examples.

 The entity is constantly challenged by regulatory, financial and societal push/pull forces.

All the while the pro forma mix of current operations, business strategy, value community and the spirited energy brought into the game plays through. Chance, luck and ambition dance with dynamic excel formulas until the sum button is hit and the chips counted. Then the game starts again.

The Six Enterprise Phases

      Today: Good current performance with a vulnerable future.

      Tomorrow: Ramp up, business and investment strategic planning.  

      Internal: Organizational change, technology development initiatives.  

      External: Crisis management, personal turnover and operational emergencies.

      Creative: Always in design and development, going to market too fast.

      Social: Preoccupation with external relationships, weak on strategy and operations.

 The six enterprise phases appear again and again in different sequences with an emphasis on reaching the Today Phase or Prime (Adizes)

 Each of the 6 enterprise phases listed are described in short phrases to present the broad concept.

The drive to sustain a continuous Today Phase of good current performance is always wanted. Depending on the particular phase a specific sequence is necessary. It’s challenged by the entropy of internal and external forces that will come to a stasis if not stimulated; every day you get up in the morning to make it happen again. Without exciting the entity with personal commitment, passion and drive it becomes a burden.

This always, always is one of the banes of business people; that unless you are at it, it doesn’t happen.

Engaging the six phase method creates enterprise momentum, transforming the mundane into an empowering experience. Like a trim tab action, the combination of the six phases modifies perspective and perception in accordance with keeping things going. The enterprise, be it a business or profession, is a vehicle of expression. The phases are the gears taking you around the curves, through the rough spots and on the straight away.

 Here’s an example:

When there are substantial problems of personal turnover and operational emergencies that is undermining external confidence, too much attention is placed on outside activities. This External Heaviness is a phase marked by loss of market or gutting the operations for purposes other than the current operations.

In the case of a brutal External Phase there may be few resources to use to revive the enterprise.

 The appropriate response is to get to the Internal Phase quickly; place attention on current operations and professionalism. A supported owner/manager, turn around executive or team addresses the breakdowns in personal turnover and operations.

 An enterprise ‘little death’ and rebirth may occur before the engine sparks and fires up again. Within the Internal phase a disciplined and analytical Creative project centering on business strategy and revived current operations to create the spark of profitability.

The new normal stability in a Today Phase has vulnerability in complacency. There is no rest. Good current performance is the time to rejuvenate ambitions from a superior position.


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