• My work is to grind up the circumstances and clear the brush with you. The tools I am masterful using include planning, expediting and spiritual alchemy. Bring me on board.

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A Provacative Stand

You can count on me to provide cutting edge commentary, timeless wisdom framed for the current time and innovative ways of looking at and living life.

I play the Infinite Game of life as play and possibility inspired by Carse.

My mind is always alive and I’m forever on a quest for engagement.

I review several daily newspapers and digital magazines as well as 50 weekly business publications on a regular basis. My examinations and research finds juxtapositions that reveals opportunities, strengths and dangers to be considered in enterprise direction choices and what I call the pro forma life.

My observations on professional and educational actions appear in blogs on Linkedin as well as here.  Currently I am managing and moderating on Chief Strategy Officers discussion group and the Tucson independent Business Owners meet up group.       

The timeless wisdom framed for the current time is in Zen and the Tao. I have used the Tao through the I Ching as both an oracle and for mediation. The Tao, and specifically Tao Discipline provides an effective opening to Grace — to the gift of who we always and already are. It sounds circular because it is; begetting, becoming and begoning are Three Currents that are always flowing. 

In the Tao I have uncovered the Philosophers Stone. I carry it with me always.

The innovative ways of looking at and living life include a wide range of topics from Proust to Kosinski. I am especially interested in framing James P. Carses’ Finite and Infinite Games through filters of Fluxus and Zen, two compatable technologies I use in in designing and running experiential Knowledge Generating Engines.

I invite discussion, debate and collaborations on always keeping the mind alive and lively.


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