Forging a Cohesive Reality in Management


 Investing in your company’s management by establishing a one-on-one relationship with an experienced coach.

The commitment begins with an in-depth evaluation of the manager’s strengths and weaknesses. The coach guides the owner through this process.

It is followed by an owner and manager-employee meeting . The evaluation is presented and the coach is introduced.

The manager-employee hears from the owner, in no uncertain terms, that the performance of the employees under their charge will be measured and that the manager will be responsible for that performance.

The coach is introduced by the owner as the manager’s trainer, who accepts the directive and direction.

The owner supports the coach, both financially and authoritatively.

The process is not easy or pleasant.

The result will be a forged (not forced) cohesive reality.

Contact Dale Bruder to begin the process.

Call 520-331-1956


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