Using the I Ching to Transform Your Life

      The I Ching is the ancient oracle of China. People have been consulting it, down through the generations, for 5,000 years gaining insight into decisions, planning, interpreting dreams, improving relationships and transforming their lives.

     If you talk to someone who knows the I Ching well, they’ll probably describe it as an advisor and mentor they can trust absolutely. When you have the knowledge and skills to create this kind of relationship with the oracle, you develop an extraordinary sense of being heard, and of connection. As a result, you can rely on your understanding of the      I Ching to know what’s going on and how best to act. And you can also go above and beyond that, to a more far-reaching awareness of what events and choices mean.

I’ve been consulting the I Ching for 35 years and use it as an advisor in my business consulting. I trust the processes and have built empirical evidence that the oracle is useful in making intelligent decisions.  

       I offer a personal coaching program that includes learning and applying the I Ching. You’ll be reading and interpreting the hexagrams and lines to gain insight in all kinds of situations within three months.

First, you will gain a clear understanding of the fundamentals:

  •      What the I Ching is
  •      Its structure: lines, trigrams and hexagrams
  •      How to phrase a question for the I Ching  (and how not to – very important to avoid confusion!)
  •      How to cast a hexagram
  •      Interpreting moving lines
  •      How the hexagrams and lines in a reading fit together to give you your answer
  •      How to be sure of getting a good translation

Second, you will gain valuable techniques 

  •      Overcome common causes of confusion in I Ching readings   (such as apparent ‘contradictions’ between lines or hexagrams)
  •      Master tools to go deeper into single-hexagram readings
  •      Learn both how to read in-depth and how to grasp the essentials of a reading at speed
  •      Establish your own personal style of I Ching divination, a foundation you can build on

I am your guide to becoming a Master Player

I am your guide towards mastering disciplines that you can apply to your professional and business success. Everyone who is aware that they can have the discipline to focus on development and evolution both personally and professionally.

Executives, owners, managers and professionals will find valuable advice and information in my posts that will aid in staying clearf and focused on their mission. engage me as your coach and you will be on the path of playing an infinite game; becoming a Master Player.

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